Friday, 15 October 2010

Photo du Jour

I absolutely cannot stop thinking about fall in New England as the leaves are falling from the trees around me. It is certainly not the same here! The leaves barely even change colors before they fall off the trees! Take me back to my homeland! Regardless, it was a lovely morning yesterday as I was walking into town. The wind was blowing, the sun was rising and the leaves were falling from the trees :)

These days, it's things like this magazine that are keeping me sane! :) Thanks for yummy fall food! I made a delicious broccoli soup last night that hit the spot!


  1. cat that soup sounds delish! ...can you post the recipe? xo

  2. I would love the recipe too! And I LOVELOVELOVE the fall picture! I miss fall in New England too (and in the Stras!) :(