Thursday, 4 November 2010

Halloween, Castles and Curling...

It's hard to live and blog. This I have realized. It has been a week since I last updated and SO much has happened! Halloween came and went and now we are full into the Christmas season! I, however, am not mentally into Christmas mode because Thanksgiving has yet to come. Despite that fact, it's nice to see Christmas cups at Starbucks and lights being put up in the streets. My Halloween was very friends and I had a chocolate mousse-off. It all came about because I was shooting my mouth about the fact that I used to make chocolate mousse all the time with my first host mother in France. Apparently I failed to mention that I have yet to successfully make it on my own. In fact, I've had 6 failed attempts. Current score: French chocolate mousse: 6, Cat: 0.  I'm pretty sure the odds were against me from the beginning. Needless to say, I had to come up with my own recipe in a matter of days. I competed against my South African friend Simon, who made an incredibly delicious traditional chocolate mousse. I came up with a "healthy" version that made me feel much better about eating it...only chocolate, honey, tofu and a little whipped cream. (Naturally, there were other secret ingredients) There really was no winner, the crowd was split between the two mousses! Regardless, it was a good time! To complete my halloween, I received a package from my mom with halloween peeps in it! :) It doesn't get better than that!

That weekend, I also took a trip to Sterling Castle with the University! It was really good to get away for the day and to see another place in Scotland!

I also have joined the curling team! I wouldn't quite call it a team just yet, as we are all still learning how to do it, but it's a ton of fun! We drive to Perth, which is about 45 minutes away, and there is a beautiful facility there for us! Our coaches name is Claire, and she puts up with our shenanigans, including falling all over the ice and forgetting to sweep, followed by us running down the ice after the stone! My shoulders are sore this morning but it was such a good time! I'm excited to do it again!

learning to curl


  1. Hang in there with the chocolate mousse- you are very brave to attempt it!!!!! Let me know when you perfect it and I'll jet-set over there to taste it :)

    Congrats on joining the curling team! Hooray for trying new things- you are inspiring!

  2. Stirling is lovely, just the right size and good mix of old and new. We've seen a lot of our own country in the past year, here's a couple of posts for inspiration in case you get a chance to travel around more of Scotland.