Friday, 19 November 2010

absence makes the heart grow fonder?

I have been incredibly absent in the past few weeks. I have been swamped with essay writing as well as a visit from my cousin Heather! I won't bore you with my details of my two essays on the liberal peace and international can just research them yourself! :) The weather has begun to change and we had our first frost the other day!

My cousin Heather came from the US to visit me and we had a great time! We mostly stayed around St Andrews but we also made a trip to the Highlands! Here are a few pictures!

Queen's View


One of my favorite stores, Butler and Co, got a shipment of American foods the other day..naturally I gave in. I didn't care that I was paying wayyyy too much money for it all!

Prince William's engagement seems to be causing a little stir around campus these days! Being that both of them are St Andrews graduates, it is kind of a big deal...

I'm off to Nepal in the AM for a conference on the geopolitical consequences of climate change, which is the subject I want to write my dissertation on. I'll have TONS to write about when I return! Until then, wish me luck and keep enjoying every moment!

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